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Ways of Relieving Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is leg pain that begins from the lower back. Tingling and numbness travels to the leg through the buttock. Sciatica pain can be very unbearable especially when felt in one leg. One major treatment of sciatica pain is chiropractic care. This ends up being advantageous to you. Pain that comes from the lower back to the legs causes pain to many people. Burning, numbness and tingling sensation is what you go through. You may suffer this kind of pain for long periods of time. This means chiropractic care is needed to stop the pains.

Trigger point massage can be used to treat sciatica pain. The sciatic nerve is situated under the piliformis muscle. The sciatica nerve experiences some tingling if the muscle gets tight. This tingling then goes down to your legs. The aim of trigger point massage is to keep pressure on the irritated parts. Your lower back will also get pressure applied on it. This will help in relieving sciatica pain. Another way of relieving sciatica pain is using liniment. The part where the pain is too much is where the pressure is applied. It is applied two to three times in a single day.

Another way to relieve sciatica pain is through using ice or heat. Sciatic nerve is located underneath the body. This means you can get rid of the pain in the painful area using heat or cold. You can use ice or a heating pad. Sciatica pain can also be reduced using pain relievers and muscle relaxants. They are anti-depressants that ease distress. The pain in the sciatica nerve is relieved by muscle relaxants. You should ensure that you get your prescription from the doctor. This will make sure that you take the drug that is required for your body.

Another way of relieving sciatica pain is through exercise and Physical therapy. Sciatica pain can make it unbearable for physical exercises. But doctors advice patients to exercise a lot when they have sciatica pain. When you dont exercise, sciatic pain can last for longer periods of time. Exercise increases blood flow to the sciatica nerve. This will get rid of the chemicals that triggers the pain. If you cant bear with the pain of the exercise just go swimming. You may also engage in water aerobics. There is no pressure on your back when you engage in water aerobics. You may also opt to see a physical therapist. He will recommend stretching exercises to ensure your legs are flexible. This will help strength the muscles in your body. This ensures you don’t suffer from the same injury again. Surgery helps stop sciatica pain. In the long run surgery will greatly reduce sciatica pain.

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